Personal Lines Products And Services

We provide customers with protection for their homes, Automobiles and Personal Professions, along with personal liability coverage. Our focus is on delivering superior value to our customers thus fostering long term relationships. This has been a benchmark of Achievers Capital LLP heritage and tradition, and is a cornerstone of our strategy for the future.

Throughout the years, our customers’ lifestyle needs have constantly changes. In order to best serve our customers, our staff and principle offices are improving themselves with both IT upgrade and product knowledge.


Many companies have used loan services provided by banks/financial institutions to make possible their business development and expansion. Loan insurance provides the company with guaranteed emergency fund for loan repayment or liquidation of an overdraft upon the death, diagnosis of critical illness* of a keyman. It helps the company to:

  • enhance the security of loan repayment rated by banks/financial institutions
  • safeguard the business
  • achieve capital sufficiency by assigning the insurance policy for further business development

Keyman Protection

In each company, there exist individuals who play a key role in the success and business continuity of the company. Known as keyman, he or she may be the major shareholder, CEO, chairman, managing director or an individual with essential skills or substantial responsibilities involved in the day-to-day operation of the company.

The sudden exit of a keyman could adversely affect:

  • financial standing and credit worthiness of the company
  • continuity and viability of the company
  • goodwill and future development of the company


Your home is probably one of your biggest investments. You have certainly spent a lot of time and money to buy, renovate and furnish your home with valuable contents. Achiever Capital LLP offers extensive cover for your home and its contents. We also protect you and your family against any accidents occurring at home.

Critical Illness

An Personal Critical Illness insurance plan is more than a conventional Personal Accident insurance policy. Protect your loved ones should you meet with any mishaps. Enjoy peace of mind with our comprehensive range of life essential benefits. Your children and parents are also well taken care of with our Children's Education Fund and Parent's Shield benefits.


Apply for a motor insurance plan that’s designed with you in mind. Premiums are tailored specifically to your profile and vehicle, so you can expect great value for every dollar you spend. What’s more, coverage is based on the market value of your car, rather than the sum insured, so you’ll be reimbursed the full market value of your car in the event of a total loss due to theft or severe damage.

Motor Insurance provides you with protection when you need it most:

  • Additional windscreen cover at no extra cost
  • Accidental loss/damage to your car
  • Flood, hurricanes, volcanic, earthquake, typhoon, and other acts of nature
  • Passenger risk and liability
  • Strike, riot and civil commotion
  • Personal Accident to the Insured
  • Third party liability including property damage, bodily injury and legal service


No one expects sudden death, or critical injury resulting from an accident. Nonetheless, you can choose the way of mitigating the unexpected by purchasing the Hopistal insurance plan with Achiever Capital LLP. With this plan, you can rest assured that you and your loved ones would not need to worry about the impending bill or payment.

Consequential Loss

This policy can be taken with an existing fire policy. A Fire Policy covers material damage to a building and contents. This policy offers protection against the loss of gross profits that your business suffers as a result of a claim under your Fire Policy.

Extensions to cover the following perils can also be included for a nominal premium :

  • Extraneous perils
  • Denial of access
  • Failure of electricity supply
  • Infectious disease


This insurance indemnifies you against damage to your property caused by fire, lightning or explosion.

Extensions to cover the following perils can also be included for a nominal premium :

  • Bursting or overflowing of water tanks
  • Flood
  • Impact damage
  • Malicious damage
  • Riot and strike
  • Loss of rent
  • Architects', surveyors' and engineers' fees
  • Removal of debris

Workmen Compensation

In accordance with Section 23(1) of the Workmen's Compensation Act, it is compulsory for an employer to insure his employees against accidental bodily injury arising out of and in the course of employment.

Employees that require compulsory cover are :

  • those whose monthly earnings do not exceed S$1600
  • any manual employee regardless of their monthly earnings

However, employers may choose to insure all their employees to protect themselves from any liability that may result.

Directors & Officer Liabilities

Your Director or Officer might incur personal liability in the course of managing your company. While your company may be a separate legal entity capable of suing and being sued, your Director or Officer can be personally responsible for the decision and action they take. They can be sued for any act/omission arising from their management of your company. Unlike your company, their personal liability is unlimited. Our D&O Insurance seeks to cover the personal liability (including lawyer fee for defending a claim) of your Director or Officer incurred while acting in their capacity as a Director or Officer of your company.

Extensions available include:

  • Cover for employment practices disputes against your employee or the company (if applicable) for issues like discrimination, harassment, wrongful dismissal or retaliation.
  • Lawyer representation for your Director or Officer during official Inquiry into the affair of your company
  • Additional limit for non-executive director

Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance is a type of insurance that is often used by practising professionals such as accountants, lawyers, architects, interior designers, engineers and consultants, or any qualified professional.

Why should consider getting PI insurance:

  • To cover against financial (civil law) claims made against a you or your company's work. These would usually be made by a client and could be directed at any party involved in a project for which your company services might be responsible.
  • Some clients, especially many government bodies, insist on this cover being in place before contracts are signed. This is to provide recourse in the event of the above.

For your free, no obligation Professional Indemnity Insurance quote, simply complete and submit a request by click on the image below. Once submitted, our partners will review the details you provide, identify several Professional Indemnity Insurance options from different insurers and forward policy options to you for your consideration.

Marine Cargo

Achiever Capital LLP Marine cargo insurance guards your goods against accidental physical loss and damage while in transit, providing financial peace of mind. Select either restricted or comprehensive goods insurance protection for your inventory.

Our Marine cargo insurance specialists provide customised insurance solutions that are backed by a fast and efficient processing team for quick turnaround. We also provide an option to offer a single voyage or an "open cover" contract for regular shipments.

Trade Credit

Achiever Capital LLP mission is to help companies grow their business worldwide through secured and optimised credit management .
We provide companies a wide range of trade receivables protection tools and credit management solutions:

  • Credit insurance
  • Risk assessment