About Our Company

Our company is best known for its involvement in Insurance, Investments and Information. Primarily insurance oriented company, Achievers Capital LLP can cover any aspect of insurance, providing you with a comprehensive solution.

Achievers Capital LLP specializes in Company Welfare policies such Contractors All Risks, Motor, Hospital & Surgical, Workmen Compensation and Staff Benefits. At the same time, our services include money, fire, theft, marine, commercial motor, public liability, product liability, travel and machinery insurance etc..

Who Are We

ACHIEVERS CAPITAL LLP is a fully licensed Insurance Agency. Simon is an active member of GIA (General Insurance Association) of Singapore and have been in the business for more than 20 years providing various Insurance services.

OUR main role as an Agent is to analyze and study the business activities of our clients and to negotiate and obtain the right type of cover from the Insurance companies. This has been done by constantly keeping in touch with the developments in local Insurance markets and obtaining competitive quotes to the benefit of our clients.

IF you wish to utilize our services and skills, we request you to appoint us as your authorized Agent to deal and act on behalf for your various types of insurance related matters thereon. In fact our service will not add any financial burden in terms of additional expenses or premiums, rather you will be in a position to gain substantially in terms of reduction in premiums.

IT is always our best intention and wishes that our clients should not have the misfortune of suffering any damage or loss to their property or interest. In case of such an untoward eventuality, we as your Agent shall render you professional services to obtain a favourable claim settlement. Furthermore, the client need not worry or waste his valuable time pursuing the claim as we will pursue the claims with the insurance company till the matter is resolved.

WE are confident that our role will prove worthy and justifiable to your organization.

Our Promise To You

To satisfy the lifetime insurance needs of our clients, through an innovative portfolio of generation-specific products and services supported by knowledgeable staff and leading-edge systems.

Achievers Capital LLP is committed to making it easy for our customers to do business with us.

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